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 Supporting time versions of Linux Mint 13 (LTS).-

Created 3 years ago, edited 3 years ago.
Status changed 3 years ago

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The next versions of Linux Mint (13) which will be LTS should be supported by all desktops (KDE, GNOME, XFCE, LXDE, etc., etc.,) at least 5 years, no matter what they approve or not Canonical. This would be very convenient on my modest opinion to serve all the users of Linux Mint, it would be a great step forward!!


3 years ago

Estimated viking 777: I totally agree with the views expressed by you, but it would be good and will make a decision about Linux Mint 13. Ubuntu and Kubuntu will be supported for five years !!!! I just wish to know the position to have the Linux Mint team about it. Best Regards.  
3 years ago

jose, Mint is not a stand alone distro. If the distros on which it is based end support for their part of the project in 18 months/3 years for example then Mint cannot support that distro for 5 years. Possibly they could support the part that they make for that long, but the part that they make is small in comparison to the distros on which Mint is based so potentially about 90% of the distro would not be supported without Mint taking over the support functions for every 'upstream' project on which it is based. They simply cannot do that, there aren't enough of them.  
3 years ago

Hello, I agree with you. Linux Mint 12 KDE is excellent, but unfortunately it does not have the great stability that had Linux Mint 9 KDE and Linux Mint 10. Hopefully the next version has a much higher degree of stability than this. I'm enjoying very much how it is being the brother of Linux Mint KDE (Kubuntu 12.04 Beta 1 its running really spectacular). If Linux Mint KDE 13 gets remain in this way or better, it will be a very good time on my computer.- Greetings!!!!  
3 years ago

I agree with you on this. I'm using Mint 12 but honestly I truly miss the stability I had with Mint 10.  
3 years ago

I was thinking more than anything by the side of users, so you do not have to be reinstalling operating systems every little time.-  
3 years ago

The normal LTS cycle is long enough and extensive enough for even moderate sized businesses.  

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