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 Kindly add "WPS Office" (kingsoft office) available for Linux..

Created 2 years ago, edited 2 years ago.
Status changed 2 years ago

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Though I previously commented about the in-built suit "libre office".
It is the good and only available suit till now. WPS office or Kingsoft office has released its version in "chinese" language.
Many a times the format made in Libreoffice differs in MS office.
With Kingsoft, it is not so. They are accurately identical.
I would recommend the suit should be included in next version
of Linux Mint, making it the unbeatable distro in the Linux World.
take a look at :


2 years ago

I just tried it on my Mint 15 but I can't resolve the "Equation" fonts issue. I downloaded them and put in .fonts, the message went away and I can see the fonts in the list but yet no equations :(

2 years ago

I use kingsoft office both in windows and linux.
It would be great to find it in various languages...
2 years ago

Well, i agree with him. because Libre office Mashes UP my work when i open in any windows pc with MS Office. Comparatively KingSoft is best.. it keeps my Docs, Sheets as i Save, no change.

Providing KingSoft WPS along with LM will be better than Download is Separately.
2 years ago

Hey I wouls like to add this news from ihearubuntu:

There is a linux release of the software already available for download

I installed on my Linux Mint 14 Mate and did what they said on the website to configure it in English:

cd /opt/kingsoft/wps-office/office6/2052
sudo rm qt.qm wps.qm wpp.qm et.qm

However there is still on thing to do, that the software points you to a forum in Chinese that luckily google translate was able to put together fairly enough. YOu have to download a font pack and unzip it on a

folder that I had to create. I have uploaded the file zip file to my dropbox if anyone wants to give it try.

I support this initiative because this company also released a version of their software for android and its pretty badass! Give the compatibility it has with MSOfffice documents I'd say its a killer feature for further people changing to Linux and particularly Mint.
2 years ago

No spam. I am using this suite and extremely happy to share info.  
2 years ago


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