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 #042: apt sources


Test case

How to reproduce:

Check the APT sources:

  • /etc/apt/sources.list
  • official repo in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/official-package-repositories.list
What to expect:

You should see the following:

  • Commented cdrom source entry
  • Linux Mint repository
  • Linux Mint edition repository (unless it's a Gnome edition)
  • 3 Ubuntu repositories (main repo, update and security)
  • Canonical partners repository
  • No source repos
  • The following components for Linux Mint: main upstream import
  • The following components for Ubuntu: main restricted universe multiverse

If repositories are deemed important by the maintainer, they can be added but they need to be commented out and their key needs to be added to the system (check with "sudo apt-key list").


Additional notes:

Non-gnome editions should contain references to their own repositories, as well as common Linux Mint repositories.

Romeo should not be enabled.

Source repos should not be enabled.


5 years ago