10 years ago
  D-Link (Modem/Router/Wireless router/Switch)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

The normal functions of a Wireless Router work okay
UPDATE - I have just had to return the unit to Amazon UK whom have told me that "is currently unavailable from our suppliers, so we are unable to send a replacement and we can’t guarantee if or when it will be sold again by us." The last time this happened, with a Toshiba TV, it was because of a serious flaw with the equipment. You can draw your own conclusions.

What doesn't work:

As yet I haven't been able to get the SharePort facility to work yet as all the support (and drivers?) are for Windows only.

What was done to make it work:

1. Have you main computer running directly off your modem, ensure it is working alright.

2. Turn everything off.

3. Wire up in the new configuration. (With the router now between the modem and the main "hard wired" computer.) Then switch it all on again.

4. From your browser inscribe the address into the address bar then, after getting pass the login screen go to Set up.

5. In the Set up screen go to Manual Internet Connection Set up.

6. At the bottom of this new screen "press" the "Clone Your MAC Address" button.

(This assumes your ISP has the same default settings as mine!! If not adjust accordingly!! ;¬) )

Additional notes:

I have contacted D-Link regarding their non-support for Linux and the PortShare facility. I've received the answer, "watch this space". FINGERS CROSSED!!

Because Amazon no longer sell this item direct, be warned!!