Latitude c810

  8 years ago
  Dell (Laptop or Netbook)
  Mint (older version)
  Works partially
What works:

Live CD check. Mint 7 Gloria boots in normal and failsafe modes, installs and works.

What doesn't work:

Memtest 86+ 2.11 is buggy and erroneously reports bad chips.
Suspend and Hibernation aren't useful because the LCD does not resume. It remains off after wake-up. Resetting the GDM with Ctrl-Alt-Backspace does not help. CLI is not displayed either. It is possible to reboot in the blind.
I belive this problem is related to a mercury switch in the lid as opposed to a mechanical one. When the lid is shut only briefly and opened before the backlight is turned off, the display comes back just fine. It is only if the backlight is allowed to go off the OS is unable to bring back the display properly. Win2k and XP don't have this problem.

What was done to make it work:

In GRUB configuration I used the options noacpi and noapm to disable the power management functions. But this defeats the purpose of a laptop.

Additional notes:

Same laptop as Inspiron 8100.
Intel 815m chipset, Nvidia GeForce 4 (440go) AGP (64 MB 128-bit DDR), LCD with a mercury on/off switch. From my experience so far (Mint5 +, LMDE, Ubuntu 8.04+, Debian 5 & 6) the Debian-derived distros have major problems with Dell's mercury switches.