Radeon HD 4650

  9 years ago
  Works perfectly
What works:

Everything with Catalyst Driver

What doesn't work:

Doesn't buy me Doritos, the opensource driver barely works compared to the proprietary one.

What was done to make it work:

Downloaded the Catalyst driver from AMD website and installed it myself.

Additional notes:

Catalyst driver gives it massive performance boost. Good for viewing 1080p video and it is wonderful for a few games. Plays older games with weak graphics like openarena and urbanterror 4.1.1 well. Xonotic plays at my monitor's native res of 1600x900 @ a smooth 60fps with settings set to normal with shaders enabled glsl color control disabled and antiscopic filtering set to 4x and antialiasing set to 2x. Games like supertux kart seem to have issues with AMD cards as I don't get as stable image performance with it but most games don't have that issue.