6 years ago
  Lenovo (Laptop or Netbook)
  Mint (older version)
  Works perfectly
What works:

Oct 2010
Works okay. But. I've decided to go the dark side on this laptop... or should that be purple rather...? as in Ububtu! Rats guys! I don't know what the flap is about Unity but it frakin' works! Seriously! And I get everything and more from Unity than I ever would from Cinnamon. IMHO if the Mint devs had spent time extending Unity instead of Gnome3 we would've been in a much better place right now. For instance with Unity I've all my compiz stuff working again... and some! Anyway. For now... this laptop runs Ubuntu!

Feb 2013
Actually have not updated this profile for awhile. Just to add that I have been using Linuxmint XFCE for almost two years now. Yes I do many Ubuntu Unity installations and while they have some appeal... I really do like the old-school look-n-feel of Linux on XFCE!

What doesn't work:

Nadia works!

What was done to make it work:


Additional notes:

If by Mint we're talking about Cinnamon or Mate, for me then, Ubuntu would seem a better option... but I prefer and use Mint XFCE.