8 years ago
  ASRock (Motherboard)
  Mint (older version)
  Works perfectly
Additional notes:

This motherboard is the dream-board of the hardware scavengers. It's got four RAM slots, two set for dual channel DDR2 and two for DDR3, depending on the processor you throw at it (AM2+ & AM3). I've got two of these, one with AM2+ stuff, the other with AM3. Both great. It even boasts an IDE connector, together with 4 Sata, which will allow you to reuse an older disk or CD/DVD drive. The PCI-E bandwidth is 1.0, not 2.0, though; & the sound, some say, is not its best feature. But the old Integrated NVIDIA GeForce 7025 graphics is more than enough for smooth operation with M12 Lisa and Gnome 3. Last but not least, it also boasts an Unlock CPU Core feature, which of course depends on your sheer luck or deep knowledge of processor stocks. It may allow you, if the extra core is not faulty, to expand your chip from a single core to dual, or a tri-core to four-core etc.