9 years ago
  Samsung (Laptop or Netbook)
  Mint (older version)
  Works perfectly
What works:

Linux Mint worked perfectly out of the box - all systems go.
after installing the proprietary AMD/ATI drivers I had excellent 3d.

What doesn't work:

The earphone jack is off kilter.
the kb is chinsy.

Cheese didn't work.
the linux glx drivers didn't work.

What was done to make it work:

I had to boot Mint with the grub option radeon.modeset=0 else I booted to a blank screen.

The non proprietary graphics drivers did not work on this puppy.
So I installed the ati drivers.

Knowing these 2 things brought this notebook to life under Linux.

Kamoso was installed to get the camera to work.

Additional notes:

Linux mint 12 worked well right off (poor 3d graphics at first).
Knoppix worked well, but no sound. (maybe it was off?)
Mepis had no sound and no wifi.
Most other distros wouldn't boot or were not very useful.

For $400 this notebook rocks.

Not without cons:

the sound is low (I wish the earphone jack worked correctly)

the screen has a rather narrow cone of visibility (a feature in a
crowd when privacy is desired?)

the keys are cheapo. one fell out and i pressed it back in.
the keys get caught up in the guide when pressing,(a single game of Open Arena would kill this kb) and they have no taper, but it is a full 3/4+ sized kb, with number pad.

there's no indicator for caps/numb lock.

There's a simple workaround for all the cons, so this set rocks, I'm happy.