HP nc6120 Laptop

  10 years ago
  HP (Hewlett-Packard) (Laptop or Netbook)
  Mint (older version)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

Everything was was recognized including 802 WiFi. Also had no problem with Logitech wireless mouse. I have Helena on a USB drive and Isadora on the local hard disk. The local hard disk install had no problems at all!

The only issue was when I was experimenting initially with a dual boot system. Windows on local drive and Linux on USB drive. This configuration does work with the caveats below. I have since, been so happy with Mint that I have installed it on my drive realizing the minimal disk requirements (my initial concern) and my old laptop now has new life! And I have said good-bye to Windows forever!

What doesn't work:

The only issue was with the Grub 2 boot-loader, not Mint itself. Grub was not always reliable when installing itself on this system with this BIOS. Once installed everything was fine.

See notes about making it work for more details....

What was done to make it work:

When I had the dual-boot system described above I would NEVER do update-grub. In fact, I had renamed it so it never could happen by accident. My wifes laptop is the "same", but apparently has a slightly different BIOS although it is supposed to be the same, GRUB would not install on it properly using with the Mint install.

For some reason, not yet understood, the slightly different install routine of Ubuntu 10.4 was able to get GRUB 2 installed, albeit, without any graphics behind the boot menu on my wifes system.

*** In general, Mint installs fine.

I would suggest that if possible, people perform a BIOS upgrade if one is provided by the manufacturer.

I would also suggest that in a dual boot situation such as with a windows partition, you make sure you do a fixmbr if you have a failed install attempt. GRUB, does not seem to be as reliable if it sees itself on a re-install. It may not pick up your Windows partition(s).