9 years ago
  Asus (Motherboard)
  Mint (older version)
  Works perfectly
What works:

Yes, everything works on the E35M1-M, including S/PDIF once you trick ALSA into accepting it. For more on the S/PDIF issue, I suggest that you read the splendid tutorial by rmkmathi here:


By following her concise steps I was able to achieve S/PDIF digital audio output to my 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound stereo system. I am relying upon my external surround sound controller to achieve full 5.1 output. Linux itself only outputs 2.1 at this time via passthrough.

I also recommend VLC Player, because it seems somewhat better suited for ATI's gpu. Although some recommend XBMC I was unable to get it to work and did not really feel like wrestling with it. Many unexplained computer crashes without any error messages.

As for ATI's video driver, well it does seem to be a hassle to install the latest and greatest one, but I did it eventually, although you will notice two instances of the ATI Catalyst Control Center. One is the Admin version with more privileges and the other is the general version.

I cranked up the manual overclock on the BIOS to 111 for better performance. You may need that because I'm not sure ATI's Linux driver or VLC player takes much advantage of the AMD GPU. I rather suspect it does not, but as I do not play high def video I have not suffered too badly. I don't think I'd want to give 1080p a try, but 720p might be possible at very low quality settings.

What doesn't work:

Everything works for me.
I haven't tried UEFI boot/GPT partition and am not really sure whether Linux Mint will support it. But OpenSuse 12.2 certainly does straight off the install dvd, this is verified.

What was done to make it work:

Read a lot of tutorials particularly concerning ALSA and 5.1 surround sound and that ATI driver which seems to be unlucky and require a lot of tweaking to play videos right on our E35M1-M. Luckily my sound system stepped up to support 5.1 where the OS was outputting something like 2.1 sound.

Additional notes:

I wouldn't really recommend the E35M1-M because it ate a USB stick, a keyboard, and a mouse in the space of 24 hours. I recommend a motherboard that isn't so hungry. UPDATE: this motherboard also destroyed an additional keyboard and two other mice, and at this point I am shopping for a new motherboard and processor. I will never buy any ASUS product again because their warranty is a joke and their web site is non-functional.


The motherboard BIOS is buggy, ASUS has been desperately trying to patch the BIOS so as not to kill USB devices. In addition to that problem, the GPU is a feature that will not be helpful in Linux unless you somehow figure out how to get XBMC to work. None of the other video players make much use out of the ATI GPU. I would recommend an offering from Intel and/or NVIDIA instead of ATI which has a long history of poor Linux support.