10 years ago
  Dell (15.6’’ Laptop with core i5 2430M)
  Mint (older version)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

(Update 1)Note:
Presently on Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon which looks far more stable than 13 so far.
Things listed below applies to Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon as well but please do check the Update 1 Notes Mentioned for any changes.

Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon is more stable than Linux Mint 13 Mate, atleast on my hardware.
Presently I'm using Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon and following is wrt that only.

*Bumblebee gets installed smoothly without even a single glitch. Graphics card is Nvidia GeForce 525M.(Both old and recent releases)

*Bumblebee-UI work in flawless manner.

*Cuda Toolkit runs in awesome manner.

(Update 1)Note:
Now available via repo

*WXCam, a very good and light alternative to Cheese for webcams
and gets compiled easily. Every Single required dependency is avilable via repository.

*Mobile Media Converter works good. It uses mencoder for encoding

*Supertuxkart RC1 8.0 works flawlessly using discrete graphics via bumblebee-UI

*PlayOnLinux and IDM works fine.

*For me Indicator-stickynotes does the job well.

*Boot-UP Manager & Grub Customizer are another two cool apps for handling services and customizing grub and works flawlessly.

*Tor Browser Bundle is another awesome app & works perfectly.

*For programming purpose best and lightweighted app available is geany and works well.

* Google Earth,Picase,Minitube,Guake Terminal,
Smtube,Counter Strike 1.6 using wine via playonlinux,
AMXMode for Counter Strike,AngryBirds,Gnome-PPP,
Dropbox,VLC,Gimp,Scorched 3D,Nexuiz, all these works without
any problem atleast to me.

*weather@mockturtl,, ShutdownApplet@shelley
are some aweome applets which works flawlessly.

What doesn't work:

*Skype get failed some times or it crashes the whole system for which a restart is required. I don't know why.

(Update 1)Note:
This problem exist with version 2
Recent version of Skype i.e v 4 is working flawlessly
This recent version is available via repo

*Unable to install even a single addon in firefox 17.0.1. It keeps on searching for addon or if some results get displayed and if I try to download one, then it keeps on showing downloading without any activity in download progress bar. It may be a problem in Firefox Browser. So far I didn't find any solution. I'm going to post it soon in their forums.

(Update 1)Note:
This problem still exist but I think culprit is some sort of preinstalled firefox addon only but again I'm not able to sort it out so far.
Fix mentioned in next section.

*Supertuxkart RC1 8.0 not runs in fullscreen mode if using Intel 3000HD Graphics but no issues with discrete one.

(Update 1)Note:
Stable version of Supertuxkart 8.0 is already released and it works flawlessly with both integrated and discrete graphics

*Bluetooth applet not works properly and irritates a lot as most of the time the visibility of bluetooth not get turned on unless I shutdown the whole system and restart it again. So far I didn't get the solution.

(Update 1)Note:
This problem exist in Linux Mint 14 (Cinnamon 1.6.7) as well. No solution so far.

What was done to make it work:

*For firefox addons, simply download the addons and install them manually.

*Brightness setting not get saved and get raised to 100 everytime

*Touchpad Disable While Typing Checkbox not works even though it is enabled.(ALPS Dual Touch Touchpad)
First Disable the above feature or uncheck the checkbox
Create a startup shortcut with command syndaemon -d -i 2
This will work.

(Update 1)Note:
Problem still exist and soln mentioned above works.

*Sometimes the microphone not get detected in Skype.
Signout & Exit
Ensure that:
Built-In Audio Analog Stereo is selected as output sound device.
Analog Stereo Duplex is Selected
Microphone profile exists in Input Device
Login Again

(Update 1)Note:
This existed till the Skype version 2, not in 4

Additional notes:

I must say that I'm addicted to this OS and I'm never going to leave it. It's free, it's efficient, it's secure it's open and the whole desktop environment is awesome, iconic, beautiful and the least irritating considering windows 8 as well.

There are bugs but that's bearable providing that people from every part of the world are contributing their precious time for the development of this wonderful OSquare(open-source operating-system) and in return all they are asking is nothing.