Dimension 2400

  8 years ago
  Dell (Desktop computer)
  Mint (older version)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

So far all works, however I just installed Mint 13 XFCE earlier this week. Haven't had the computer long, & believe that XCFE is the best choice for this computer.

What doesn't work:

Full releases of Mint, they struggle to run, even with a CPU upgrade. Mabye because the computer only has 64MB of video memory. I do prefer full versions, but so far I do enjoy Mint 13 XCFE.

Computer tends to hang when installing any Linux OS, perhaps it's the formatting process. Plus as noted below, the HDD is ATA/100, not exactly the fastest drives on the market.

The "minor" problem listed above is the time that it takes for the OS to load, however it's this way with any OS installed, regardless of brand. Mint 13 XCFE does load faster than XP Pro, giving me a usable computer in less time.

If it had a SATA port (even SATA 1), this would be a non-issue.

What was done to make it work:

It took two install attempts to get Mint 13 XCFE to install, it hung when almost complete. It may be the ext3 format, I can't use ext4 because if I (need to) install XP over the same position on the drive, that installer crashes.

This is an older ATA/100 HDD (though recently purchased new), which I also believe contributes to the issue. On modern SATA HDD's, this is a non-issue & the computer runs faster.

However, I do plan to correct this issue, by installing a SATA/RAID card that I recently ordered & received. I have an extra SATA drive, just need to decide which to use. As well as making sure NOT to configure the card as RAID, just SATA access only.

Additional notes:

Even with the limitations of older specs, Mint runs better, though slower, on this Dell Dimension 2400 than it does on my HP MS214 AIO PC. Also, no other hardware updates are needed on this older Dell.

Seems that on AMD based computers, installing the additional hardware drivers offered causes more problems than is solved. Therefore, I no longer install these updated drivers.