HD 7770

  4 years ago
  ATI Radeon (GPU)
  Mint (older version)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

Catalyst driver 9.00.11-120920a and AMD Catalyst Control Center 2.17

Both on native Linux Mint 13 Maya and LM 14 Nadia 64 bit, and both running under Xen hypervisor 4.1.3 as dom0.

What doesn't work:

Doesn't support DDC/CI (Display Data Channel/Command Interface) which I need to communicate between the PC and my screen via DVI cable. Replaced the card with a Nvidia GTX 970 in 2016.

Additional notes:

After using the low-end HD 6450, this HD 7770 is a whole different beast. I'm very satisfied with it's performance.

Edit: The HD 7770 was replaced by a much more powerful Nvidia GTX 970 in 2016.