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Brand: Asus (USB Wireless adapter)

Release: Maya
Status: Doesn't work as expected

What works:

Device is detected as a USB network adaptor by Linux Mint.

If I manually type in the name of the network I want to connect to, the device will list the signal strength of that network.

That's about it for positives/'what works'...

What doesn't work:

I have not successfully been able to connect to a wireless network using this device.

It does not detect my local wireless network if I do not manually type in the name of the network I want to connect to.

What was done to make it work:

I have tried both the generic 'compat-wireless' drivers, as well as drivers downloaded from the Realtek website. Neither work.

I did a comprehensive troubleshooting session with other Linux Mint users. The results are in this thread:

In the end we reached the end of the road of possibilities with the current available drivers, and abandoned trying to make it work.

Additional notes:

Note that there are two versions of the product named 'Asus USB-N13': the 'A1' revision, and the 'B1' revision.

A1 has a Ralink RT3072 chip, B1 has a Realtek RTL8192CU chip.

My version is the B1 with the Realtek RTL8192CU chip.

Problems affecting my version may not affect the other one.

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