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Brand: Lenovo (laptop)

Release: Nadia
Status: Works perfectly

What works:

64bit Cinnimon
Running on a Live Lexar 32Gig USB3 stick. With a 4Gig presistance file. Ran the Updater onto the USB3 stick. This thing if fast even running on live USB.

First thing I did was go to youtube.

Everything just works!!! WiFi, Audio, Video, USB2, USB3.

What was done to make it work:

Used "Linux Live USB Creator"(it's a windows app) to put the ISO on a USB3 stick.

Had to tell Win8 to actually shutdown when I tell it to shutdown (Control Pannel \ Power settings \ shutdown = shutdown NOT Hibernate or Sleep)
Had to set BIOS to "Legacy Boot" (kill EUFI)
Had to enable USB Boot in the BIOS

Created: 5 years ago.
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