7 years ago
  Asus (Motherboard)
  Mint (older version)
  Works perfectly
What works:

All this works fine right after installation.
1)sound to stereo speakers
2)LAN, with shared folders (windows too) also working
3)connect to DHCP assigned IP address from Verizon Westall router
4)internet access
5)USB keyboard through USB KVM ingram-micro, branded Victor
6)USB mouse also working through above KVM
7)Kingston Data Traveler 16 GB USB thumbdrive on which Mint14 Nadia is installed
8)LG branded CD/DVD drive
9) WD 160 GB hard drive
10) VGA 17" monitor standard resolution 800x600 & 1024x768

What doesn't work:

Sometimes if left alone, it enters something like sleep mode. The only way to wake it up is toggle screen mode from GUI to Terminal, and then back to GUI. Do this by CTRL-ALT-F1, then CTRL-ALT-F8. Not sure if due to Mint, the motherboard, or the USB thumbdrive the system is fully installed to (not LIVE USB type install).

Can't seem to create links placed in Desktop folders to files or folders located on other media. In Windows this is possible and if the media is not present, the link not currently valid, a message informs one of it. Can not Linux do the same?

Additional notes:

Been waiting a long time for Linux to create GUI versions that would fulfill my wish to leave Windows behind me. Seems that time may have finally arrived. The future of Linux is GUI if it is to gain enough new users to survive in coming years.