Thinkpad T500 2055-8FG

  5 years ago
  Lenovo (Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 / 2.53 GHz)
  Mint (older version)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

Nearly everything is fine.

Function keys:
F2 (lock screen)
F3 (energy setup)
F4 (standby/suspend)
F5 unknown (toggle network)
F7 (switch displays)
F8 (toggle trackpad)
F9 (throw out CD/DVD)
F12 (hibernate/suspend to disk)
screen brightness
volume +/-, mute

The keys F1, F6, F10, F11 are not reserved for special functions.

Ethernet 10/100/1000
UMTS via Ericsson module (T-Mobile + E-Plus/Alditalk/O2-SIMs work)
(this was an add-on after buy, it's not included in the
Aldi Talk USB-SurfStick (Huawei)
EPlus USB-Surfstick (Huawei) WWAN Hotspot (Huawei)
UltraSlim/UltraBay-Multiformat DVD/CD-Burner
incl. DVD-RAM

Trackpad, Trackpoint

Thermal sensors

Other peripherals:
-Samsung CLX3175FW (inkl. scan via WLAN and Fax with Samsung drivers)
-Samsung SCX4500W (inkl. scan via WLAN and Fax with Samsung drivers)
-Toshiba HDTV set via DisplayPort/HDMI-cable (and extra sound cable)
- of course external USB-Devices:
- any USB stick
- any USB-Harddrive like
- USB-DVD-Burner (LG)
- USB-Mouse A4Tech batteryfree (three different models) and others
- USB3.0-PCCard Adapter (no speed test performed yet)
- RS232-PCCard Adapter

What doesn't work:

Fingerprint reader with TPM (trusted platform module), as there are no (information to create) drivers.

Function keys:
play/pause/rewind/forwind/stop (I think that's media player dependent)

Not sure if
- GPS-module
- 3D-/Accelearation sensor
do work.

Intel Turbo Memory card

What was done to make it work:

Hibernation/S2R did not work correctly while I had Rafaela installed
(well before with grub parameter changes), S2R only unpredictably.
With Rebecca it work fine again ootb after a kernel update.

Additional notes:

Off topic, but to whom it might concern - just to make sure that this hint is more often shown on google :-)) :
On my EeePCs 1005PE and 1205PA it was absolutely neccessary to install a graphics driver *directly* after system installation (Nadia 14 MATE 32bit, maybe by terminal commands), because the Atom (Quad Core) did all the graphics work - about 98% processor use!
That is very mystereous because booting from a Live USB version loads an appropriate driver gives you an absolute fast system (would I otherwise would have installed it?).