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Brand: Asus (Motherboard)

Release: Nadia
Status: Works perfectly

What works:

Using 2GB DDR RAM. AMD 850 Mhz processor. USB keyboard and USB laser mouse, both through a KVM by VTech. Video resolution adjusted down from default install to 1024x768 for 17" 3:4 monitor. No sound problems with AC97 and small computer speakers on monitor.

What doesn't work:

Has no floppy drive attached nor installed internally and such option is turned off in BIOS, but Mint keeps looking for and giving errors about there being no floppy drive to mount.

FF 16 with initial install tended to freeze at times, not so much a problem with FF 21.

I put as working perfectly since I've had no floppy error msgs on another couple computers I've tried it on, those two had floppy drives.

What was done to make it work:

Some floppy errors disappeared after renaming the /dev/fd0 file, but some still appear at times.

Created: 5 years ago.
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