Pixma MG 5422

  8 years ago
  Canon (Printer/Scanner/Multifunction)
  Doesn't work as expected
What works:

Would print a test page most of the time and that was it.

What doesn't work:

Could not print from any apps, watching the print que you could see the job get placed there then processed, it would then disappear but nothing ever printed on the printer.

What was done to make it work:

Went to the Canon site in Europe and downloaded some drivers, none were available at the USA site. Ran the script to install the drivers and printer. I was then able to print from some apps but not all. The biggest issue was that GIMP would not print using the system driver or after installing the guetneberg printing for GIMP. The job would go to the que and get processed as above then disappear but no printer output.

Additional notes:

This printer was returned and replaced with a Epson WP-4530