8 years ago
  Rosewill (USB Wireless adapter)
  Mint (older version)
  Works partially
What works:

It connects @ hi-speed, good distance.
Signal strength indicator.

What doesn't work:

Not sure yet.
Known issues so far:

Can't turn on/off wireless from applet. (It always shows as being connected)
Problems "waking" from suspend.
Crashes / locks up sometimes from watching Hi-speed streaming videos from NFL.com or Amazon Prime.

Unpugging it locks up / crash.

Maya won't shut down fully without errors then hangs.
(Possible fix)

What was done to make it work:

Not sure yet, but was able to get a full shutdown by holding down

Additional notes:

This is new, and so far, is the only longer-range USB antenna that I've found that works on my Dell 5110 64-bit laptop.

Didn't have to compile any drivers, didn't see any for it on Realtek.com

New drivers supposedly being developed for this, but only for a newer kernel with no plans to back port, and those are "doomed too."
(From the developer)

Will update later.