6 years ago
  Gigabyte (Motherboard)
  Mint (older version)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

Upgraded from ASUS socket A motherboard and 850 Mhz AMD processor with an existing Mint 14 MATE install fully updated and with 11.2 adobe flash installed.

5)youtube videos, other flash
6) 4 GB of 800 Mhz DDR2 RAM
7) Networking

Pretty much everything worked to some degree or other, although I did have to change the networking from eth1 to eth2 due to the new MAC address on the mobo.

What doesn't work:

The motherboard was revision one with BIOS of F1. Unfortunately it didn't recognize the AMD Sempron 145 of 2.8 Ghz that was installed on it. It ran the Sempron only at 800 Mhz even though all was set to AUTO in the BIOS. lscpu and inxi -v2 both showed the processor running only at 800 Mhz. I tried various timing attempts on the FSB above 200 Mhz and multipliers but it always defaulted back to the FSB of 200 Mhz.

What was done to make it work:

Eventually I left the FSB at 200 and set the CPU multiplier to 13.5 which came close to the rating of 2.8 Ghz, but more like 2.7 Ghz.

BIOS. Not easy to do entirely in Linux. You download the *.exe file needed, in my case it was the F7 BIOS version needed in order to recognize the Sempron 145 CPU. It's a self executing zip file for windows, so change the file ending to *.zip and then extract the MA######.F7 file. There are 3 files in the zip, one is autoexec.bat to run in windows, the other is an exe file to run in DOS or windows and the third is the actual BIOS program. Put that file in root folder of a drive, I used a FAT32 drive partition just in case. You can then use the Qflash program in the BIOS instead of the DOS based flash utility to access and install the new BIOS program file, the one with the *.F7 ending (or whichever version you needed).

Additional notes:

This system with the Sempron single core set to 2.7 Ghz is entirely sufficient for online videos like youtube and news sites. So if you're not into gaming and just use internet mostly, don't waste money on an expensive processor when a $30-40 one will do all you need.

I HAVE SINCE UPGRADED THIS TO MINT 16 "PETRA" VERSION AND ALL WORKS WELL. I did have to swap out the fglrx-updates video driver to the fglrx video driver to solve an occasional boot problem with MDM. I was able to do that at the tty sign in screen and then reboot with MDM working OK.