Dual Band Wireless N PCMCIA Card

  7 years ago
  Linksys (WIFI card/adapter/dongle)
  Works partially
What works:

under main edition (Gnome) & Helena 8 KDE it automatically finds
the driver, puts it in the systray and then you activate it, under Isadora
KDE....you have to go to the start button, applications, system, then
hardware drivers to get it.

What doesn't work:

No automatic driver search like in Helena 8 KDE, LXDE and Gnome
edition, and no way to turn off individual wireless cards if you have 2
installed at the same time or have a preference of which to run....

Additional notes:

If you have 2 wifi cards on your laptop, you need to be able to turn
one of them off through the network manager....Helena had that
capability and it worked great...can't do that in Isadora KDE...need to
fix that.