5 years ago
  Lenovo (Laptop or Netbook)
  Mint (older version)
  Works perfectly
What works:

I do believe everything works perfectly. Had to install proprietary driver for the wireless card. USB 3.0, 104MB/sec SDXC slot, wireless, bluetooth, 128GB SSD, intel HD 4000 GPU and sound all appear to work very well.

What doesn't work:

Nothing that I know of so far.

What was done to make it work:

I plugged network cable in, booted LM16 off of USB, ran the installer, shutdown, took out usb stick, booted, ran the updates, switched to the proprietary wireless driver(you have to have network cable plugged in and connected to net for driver to install). Installed GUFW(front end to UFW for easilly managing firewall rules), opened GUFW and set to ON, created a non-admin user, shutdown, unplugged network cable, booted up, logged in as the non-admin user, connected to wireless network and used as normal.

Long story short, if you have the X131e intel version with 1.9Ghz i3 cpu then the internal wireless card is a broadcom and will require to install proprietary firmware. The Driver Manager worked great for that with network cable plugged in and connected to internet.

Additional notes:

System has 4GB DDR3@1600Mhz RAM, 1.9Ghz i3 CPU 2 cores and 2 HT per core, Intel HD 4000 GPU, 128GB SSD and 11.6 inch screen. Runs great and under 10 seconds boots and logged in. Fastest laptop or netbook I've ever owned.