MyCloud 2TB

  7 years ago
  Western Digital (NAS)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

Once found on my local network (check the Router/Hub for the IP address) I had to use Firefox (substitute your favorite browser here) to set up the WDMyCloud, for User/Password and set up of shares.

To transfer files from my computers I found that FileZilla to be the best application (for me) to enable the transfers to the MyCloud.

With my tablets, and other Android devices, the WD MyCloud application works well enabling access to my files and streaming movies to VLC on the Tablet.

What doesn't work:

WD only support Microsoft and Apple OSes with nothing for Linux. Because of this their Backup solutions will not work. I did comment upon this in my feedback to WD. It irks that, in spite of their using Linux for their hardware, they don't support it!!

What was done to make it work:

As stated above, FileZilla works well but I found that opening a server connection within the file browser (Caja in LMDE) was not reliable in the writing mode, although it could see all the files once they are in your NAS.

TIP in Caja - from the View menu, select to show Hidden Files. When you delete files I found some errors caused by hidden WD files stopping a clean delete.

Additional notes:

If an automatic backup solution can be found to work on this hardware, whilst running Linux, this would greatly improve the usefulness of this device.