Aspire 5738G

  10 years ago
  Acer (Laptop or Netbook)
  Mint (older version)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

Isadora x86_64
- ISO Live boot and run : OK
- Install in HDD : OK
- Display is OK (first without NV driver = OK, then with simple MintInstall of Nvidia driver = OK)
- every else is OK except what described below
- wifi is ok and very easy
- Double display work (tested on VGA port, not yet with HDMI port) but is more painful than with Windows's PnP

What doesn't work:

- Tune a bit resolution and bitmap depth for grub resolution and startup graphic animated logo
- Touch pad enable/disable hardware button (on its right side) : once used, then the touchpad is ever disabled
(Added : after few weeks usage, touchpad get lost even through a reboot ==> it seems that xorg.conf has been changed. Wrong value is "/dev/psaux" instead of "/dev/input/mice" for device called "Mouse0")
- Touch pad : double point detection is not possible
- Energy Eco hardware button : not recognized
- Function Keys : Fn+F2, Fn+Home (Play-Pause), Fn+PgUp, Fn+PgDn, Fn+End ==> not recognized
- Fan is always on at medium speed (quite noisy) :
La laptop with Win 7 activates the fan at medium and fast rate only at load. But with Ubuntu/Mint, the fan seems to be always on at medium rate making a background noise. Actually, the internal temperature is not so hot. So I think it is a problem with sensor software calibration.

Additional notes:

- the laptop fan seems to activate a somewhat more than with windows (subjective)
- the global battery autonomy seems shorter than with windows