Inspiron 1501

  5 years ago
  Dell (Laptop or Netbook)
  Mint (older version)
  Works partially
What works:

All critical parts for being able to use Mint work. ATI graphic card via default open source driver only. Wireless finally works but needs uninstalling broadcom wl drivers and installing b43.

What doesn't work:

Suspend-to-ram. Suspends, but never wakes up from it, with HDD clicking in an infinite loop.

Proprietary ATI driver for Xpress 1150 does not work with a recent version of Xserver.

Wireless does not work by default, the installed wl driver is not compatible with the card (Dell 1490 = broadcom) and even it blacklists the LAN card (also broadcom). I needed to do a workaround by connecting an Atheros USB WLAN dongle and from that removing bcmwl-kernel-source (wl) and installing b43. It solves also blacklisting of the LAN card that would normally work.