Tecra A10-104

  5 years ago
  Toshiba (32 bit laptop)
  Mint (older version)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

N.B. this is for Mint 17 with the XFCE desktop environment.

Pretty much everything works. WiFi and bluetooth work fine, battery is recognised and charged well, eSATA/USB combi port works and allows SMART testing of HDDs, DVD+RW drive works, sound and display work, volume wheel works, touchpad and track- um... this thing: https://xkcd.com/243/ both work, 'Super'/'Windows' key recognised and re-assignable, some of the Fn key combinations such as Fn-F6 & Fn-F7 screen brightness adjustment, Fn-F8 WiFi switch (plus a hard switch), Fn-Esc mute, and Fn numpad keys all work.

Alt-Gr doesn't accent vowels on default UK Qwerty keyboard, but instead produces these characters:
a to z, excluding j:
` to -:
A to Z, excluding J:
¬ to _:

Alt-Gr + j adds this accent to chars typed directly afterwards: ảɓƈɗẻƒɠɦỉƙɱɲỏƥʠʂƭủʋⱳỷȥẢƁƇƊẺƑƓỈƘⱮƝỎƤƬỦƲⱲỶȤ
Alt-Gr + J adds this accent to chars afterwards:

What doesn't work:

Sometimes doesn't recognise SD cards. This seems to be a common problem with Ubuntu. Removing & reinserting the card and/or restarting the laptop can sometimes solve this.

Couldn't get VGA port to output to a monitor or projector at all! FU Intel!

Two utility buttons next to the power button are not recognised. No great loss.

Fn key combination (default results) for:
* Fn-F1 lock screen (does nothing)
* Fn-F2 backlight on/off (instead brings up a battery status notification)
* Fn-F3 sleep [to memory symbol] (does nothing)
* Fn-F4 suspend [to disc symbol] (does nothing)
* Fn-F5 switch display (brings up display settings)
* Fn-F9 touchpad on/off (does nothing)

Rarely, some game or graphics engine that barely manages to work on the rubbish onboard Intel GPU under Windows (such as UFOAI) fails to do so under its Linux drivers.

What was done to make it work:

All of the above Fn key combinations are recognised in xfce4-keyboard-settings, and can be re-assigned to ANY function that you desire, with the possibilities doubled by the Shift key!
Likewise, Print Screen is not hard-set to capturing straight to clipboard (it launches a versatile screen-capture application by default), but can be configured to do just that or any other option.

Additional notes:

Firewire s400 port
COM port