PowerShot G10

  7 years ago
  Canon (Digital Camera)
  Isn't detected or recognized
What works:

Output from /var/log/messages:

usb 3-5: new high-speed USB device number 10 using ehci-pci
usb 3-5: New USB device found, idVendor=04a9, idProduct=318f
usb 3-5: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
usb 3-5: Product: Canon Digital Camera
usb 3-5: Manufacturer: Canon Inc.
usb 3-5: SerialNumber: 598CA27F14044E94BE8B1DBA10495687
mtp-probe: checking bus 3, device 10: "/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.7/usb3/3-5"
mtp-probe: bus: 3, device: 10 was not an MTP device

The device had been well recognized on Ubuntu 14.04 when connected via USB cable before I installed LMDE x64 Cinnamon.

What doesn't work:

The device is not listed anywhere except lsusb:

Bus 003 Device 011: ID 04a9:318f Canon, Inc.

What was done to make it work:

I had no idea now to open a bare USB device using the terminal.

Additional notes:

Same goes for Canon PowerShot SX130IS: the /var/log/messages yields the similar output, lsusb reports the device is on board, but no external drive is recognized. When I remove the SD card from the camera and plug into the card reader, everything is fine; however, not all PCs where I installed LMDE have card readers, nor I always carry a portable SD card reader in my pocket.