ThinkPad T410

  7 years ago
  Lenovo (Laptop or Netbook)
  Mint (older version)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What doesn't work:

Installation: Mint 17 XFCE 64bit
German Keyboard Layout
Pressing key AltGr longer --> Laptop shuts down or user logged off
I had the same problem with Mint 17 Mate

What was done to make it work:

1) After the installation of xfce-64bit, install cinnamon with "sudo apt-get install cinnamon"
2) Login in your account using the cinnamon desktop
3) configure the keyboard (German) and test the behavior of the key AltGr
3) reboot
4) login in your account using the dektop xfce and test AltGr again
5) if everthing is fine, then remove cinnamon "sudo apt-get remove cinnamon"