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 iMac (2007) 24-inch

Brand: Apple (Desktop)

Release: Qiana
Status: Works perfectly

What works:

All devices work!
For the integrated Wireless network card you need to install non-free driver.

What doesn't work:

Sleep (hibernate)mode will cause the system to have GFX card not coming back up so do not use this. On this system the image gets very distorted and you can not see what you are doing. (not tested on Quana, will try that soon)

What was done to make it work:

Disable sleep mode.
Default of Mint 17 Guana KDE is working just fine!

Additional notes:

Used rEFInd as boot selector.

Not all (most do work) special keys on the Apple keyboard work out of the box, but I never configure them anyway. But one could bind them to similar functions. (like present windows)

Created: 4 years ago.
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