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Brand: Logitec (Keyboard)

Release: Rafaela
Status: Works fine with some minor problems

What works:

Out of the box normal keyboard funtions work, inc volume and media keys
Built in sound card works with no issues

What doesn't work:

G-keys, backlight switching and macros don't work at all, G-keys only work as function keys.

What was done to make it work:

Followed these instructions

Worked almost perfectly, ONLY USE THE DIRECT DRIVERS, NOT THE KERNAL ONES, otherwise you will need to press buttons more than once to get them to work.

Additional notes:

As of Linux Mint 17.2 (July 2015)

You cannot get the gnome15 drivers anymore as it seems the original devs stopped support for it, so no more g-key or backlight support

Created: 4 years ago.
Last edited: 3 years ago.
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