Canon PIXMA MP240

  7 years ago
  Canon (Printer/Scanner/Multifunction)
  Mint (older version)
  Works perfectly
What works:

12th June 2014:

This printer now works out of the box with the latest version of Linux Mint. I just went to "System Settings => Printers" and clicked on the button there to add a new printer.

The system automatically detects the printer (assuming it's plugged in!). I think it uses an open-source driver, rather than the Canon one, but it works fine.

The Simple Scan programme (the default provided by Linux Mint) works really well, too. In the past I had to use GIMP for scanning, but not any more.

What doesn't work:

12th June 2014:

I haven't tried grayscale yet, but I'll update this when I do.


9th April, 2011:

At first, I was a bit confused about how to make grayscale the default printing method, so that I wouldn't waste loads of ink printing things in colour. But, this is in fact possible to do via the settings for the driver. It's just not immediately obvious. Check out the link to the Ubuntu forum below - in one of my posts there, I described how to do this.

Additional notes:

9th April, 2011:

Check out this Ubuntu forum for further details:

(I wrote some stuff there under the name 'Chainy').