computer #1 HP 6305 Pro SFF AMD dual core A-4 5300 12gigs ram

  6 years ago
  HP Compaq (Computer #1 HP Dual core)
  Works perfectly
What works:

oK got the wireless with a tp-link TL-WD851ND, worked plug and play!

What doesn't work:

still having issues with my dvd-rw only able to read only. I think its a driver issue but can't seem to find one for it. Im working on it.

What was done to make it work:

Ok, this particular DVD writer had a software driver update from HP. Bad part it was only written for windows.

It now seems to have fixed itself somewhat. The thing is possessed. At first install the door just kept opening and closing repeatedly. After a few boots it stopped that then door would not open at all. Then later began to read only. Now it seems to work.

Now burns a DVD with Brasaro but still reads (read only) in hardware? Go figure.

Im not complaining it works