iConcepts Foldable keyboard

  11 years ago
  iConcepts (Keyboard)
  Mint (older version)
  Works perfectly
What works:

All standard keys work just fine.

What doesn't work:

I still haven't figured out what some of these blank extra keys do, or could do, looking for a way to map them to functions once I know they're being registered as input.

There are two extra keys around the space bar keys, three buttons above the number pad, and three labeled keys after the F12 key. The labeled keys look like hotkeys to power on/off, wakeup, and hibernate a computer. I've not yet tried these. The other five seem to do nothing.

Additional notes:

Model #0200709

This keyboard takes some getting used to, but it seems to help my hands after typing too long on a hard keyboard, since this one is soft.

The worst part about the keyboard is the backspace key. It's too small (same size as letter and number keys) and often I hit the print screen key instead. To avoid this problem, I set the capslock key to be an extra backspace key in GNOME.