Lenovo Thinkpad X230

  5 years ago
  Lenovo (i5-3470)
  Mint (older version)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

- audio (hard keys : vol+, vol-, mute) (mic mute is no effect)
- wifi
- lan
- bluetooth
- integrated to screen webcam and its in service led
- Fn key screen backlight + and - (but always darkest at bootup)
- Fn key lock laptop : works
- Fn key wifi on/off : works
- Additional display and Win+P keys : works
- Touchpad works : all 3 buttons, side slide to scroll up/down work too

What doesn't work:

- Fn key + Play/Pause : no effect
- Lock screen is not dual screen aware, nor heterogeneous display resolution aware
- Always boot and leave screen with minimal backlight