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 Qosmio G30

Brand: Toshiba (laptop)

Release: Qiana
Status: Works perfectly

What works:

Everything seems to work ok. Mint 17 32 bit Cinnamon dual boot with Media edition of XP.

What doesn't work:

Mint Install initially killed both XP and Mint.

What was done to make it work:

Mint Install killed both XP and Mint. Toshiba recovery disc taking info from BIOS while Mint taking actual drive size. BSD for XP, Grub Rescue for Mint. BIOS took some getting into and changing, hangover from old RAID setting, BUT recovery disc requires BIOS to be set to RAID. Eventually got BIOS to correct size and RAID 0 (Recovery disc set to non-RAID). Installed XP again and then allowed Mint to partition the drive. Now they are both working with same size hard drive, worked fine.

Created: 4 years ago.
Last edited: 4 years ago.
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