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 Packard-bell Easynote TJ65

Brand: Packard-Bell (Laptop or Netbook)

Release: Isadora
Status: Works fine with some minor problems

What works:

After some work, almost completely functional. Sleeps, hibernates and resumes perfectly. Wired and wireless internet perfect.

What doesn't work:

Initially, no display, could turn touchpad off but not on again, cannot get multitouch to work, even though it works on windows! Could not change backlight.

What was done to make it work:

To get display, add "nomodeset" to grub.cfg
To be able to change backlight add "acpi_backlight=vendor" to grub.cfg

Additional notes:

Good laptop! Think there may have been other issues but cannot remeber them. Just ask if you need any help with it. FYI, i belive that it is closely based on an Acer laptop.

Created: 9 years ago.
Last edited: 8 years ago.
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