Mini 311-1000

  9 years ago
  Compaq (Laptop or Netbook)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

internal microphone is working! in isadora this doesn't happen.

The scroll on the touchpad simply works!(in isadora not)

What doesn't work:

The Bcm4312 module doesn't work initially, but I've followed Debian squeeze method and all works fine.

Webcam doesn't record videos : probably because of slow processors, even if in windows i can record.

Initially sound didn't work, but setting from analog duplex to analog output and again to analog duplex the problem is solved.

When shutting down there is a very noisy sound ("beep") that I can't solve.

Gnome panel doesn't mantain it's position after rebooting. that's a crap because I use the panel on the upper side of the screen and cairo-dock on the lower side.

Additional notes:

I was trying to install nVidia drivers when i notice that "init 3" and "/etc/init.d/gdm" don't work. these are required to close x server and start the nvidia installer. I've solved it using "ps -le|grep gdm" and "sudo kill xxxx",where xxxx is the number of the process.

(however I'm still trying to install nvidia drivers. is possible to use Ubuntu's "hardware drivers"??)