Ultra 20 M2

  11 years ago
  Sun (System)
  Mint (older version)
  Works perfectly
What works:

I own a Sun Microsystems Ultra 20 M@ (now an "afterlife" product as of a few years ago). The Ultra 20 M2 is of the dual-core AMD Opteron 1200 series. As an old Debian and Slackware user, (and now a strong opponent of Solaris since Larry and company ((read: Oracle)) blew any chances of an openSolaris distribution, I was tired of the Ubuntu lookalikes. I went through them all and they are legion!

I began testing mint on an old Sony Vaio, a few Dell computers, and two Toshiba laptops. Linux Mint, all original released versions beginning in 2006, I think the release was Barbara or Barbie, but any way, the hardware detection and network configuration were of the quality that Ian and folks created in Debian. Clem and his team have truly ensured that this not only is a "brainless" install for newcomers, but offers and supports tweaks by veteran Linux users.

I use the x86 version of all install disks because I do not run a heavily-utilized database, require all the multiplicities that x86_64 is geared for.........

What doesn't work:

Everything works better than the original OEM install of Solaris 10................

Additional notes:

I state this only because I was a true Sun Microsystems supporter, I'm not looking for a flame war (because you won't get a response from me) nor a hardware "attaboy". This machine, at ~US $1200.00 was the most expensive gift I've ever given myself. Sun boxen are legendary in the Unix world and I wanted to own that piece of obscure history. They are more pricey than other machines and, after shopping for my kids' college, I felt my purchase warranted a it's price tag - after all, it boots LM Isadore in about 10 seconds..........like a breath of fresh Irish air.

The Ultra 20 M2 is no longer supported by Sun, or Oracle, or OraSun, or Sunacle....................whoever they are now, as much as Oracle has to offer the world of software, it will no doubt fail miserably in the realm of hardware. Many great people passed through the Sun doors, my favorite always being Bill Joy.............there were many more like him, he just seemed, and was, a spokesman with a great deal to share. Bill worked in an era when all of this stuff (licenses, open source, freedom, etc...) was coming together. I than him, and all the others for setting the stage for so many to follow. Oh, and that Ultra 20 M2 may some day reach her physical end of life, but I'll keep her EKG running as normal a rhythm as I can until the real time comes. Thanks to Sun, Bill, all their colleagues, and Clem as they follow and fulfill a dream so many of us share: that hardware, software, the minds that design them and the minds that code them, all follow on a continuum and should all appreciate both where they stand on the shoulders of greatness and where they are headed in their own endeavors. I wish I had their talent.