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 Pro 6300

Brand: HP Compaq (All in One)

Release: Rosa
Status: Works perfectly

What works:

Everything! Plus, on this big screen, Linux Mint looks even prettier. I must have done something right in partitioning as well, because the All-in-one now starts up immediately to Linux Mint, skipping any boot menu. Loving it!

What doesn't work:

I'm still a little bummed that there is no workable option to use Google Drive in Linux Mint. From what I have read, we have Google to blame, who claims to be "working on a solution" - for years now.

What was done to make it work:

Using very viable options for Onedrive and Dropbox. I can actually still access Google Drive via the website using one of my Linux based browsers. Of course I store my files on my home office cloud using my personal network.

Created: 2 years ago.
Last edited: 2 years ago.
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