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 EagleTec KG010, Holtek Mechanical Keyboard

Brand: "Generic" / "Made-in-China" (Keyboard)

Release: Rebecca
Status: Works fine with some minor problems

What works:

After a boot, the keyboard works perfectly.

This identifies under lsusb as Holteck, but sold on Amazon as EagleTec and the only seller there is Amazon's Warehouse deals or ChannelUS.

What doesn't work:

The keyboard won't wake up computer from sleep mode, even when that's turned on in BIOS and even though 3 different cheapie membrane keyboards from Walmart (Micro Innovations, Digital Innovations, & ONN) all work to wake up computer from sleep mode. Logitech wireless mouse will work to wake up computer but not this keyboard.

What was done to make it work:

I went into sys/acpi/power and also into some other /sys areas for USB devices where "power" could be enabled, where "control" could be set to "on" instead of "auto", all related to where lsusb -t command showed the USB device to be and nothing works to enable the keyboard to wake up computer, nor to work after the mouse or front button on case wakes up computer from suspend.

Sometimes if you suspend and wakeup 3-4 times while tapping a key on it, the keyboard will wakeup, sometimes it only turns the lights on but won't type letters.

Additional notes:

If you reboot before each use, this $50 mechanical keyboard is great, but if you use sleep mode or hibernate and want it to work to wake up computer, or even to work after computer is awake from other means. From lsusb command;

ID 04d9:a0cd Holtek Semiconductor, Inc.

Created: 2 years ago.
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