Asus Eee Pc 1015 PEM

  3 years ago
  A no brand (Intel(R) Atom(TM( Dual Core N550)
  Mint (older version)
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

After update all Packages and Propertair-Driver for Intel Graphics and Broadcom Card from Official Source Application

Graphis on Screen works perfectly, all apps works that are important for me:
- Firefox
- Spotify
- Skype
- Libre Office
- Spotify /Rythmbox (Audio playing)
- Vlc Player


- Swiss German Keyboard Layout (after new installation with manual click on the correct Layout, test it on the field!!)
- Keyboard Audio Level controll :)
- Keyboard Darkness controll
- Keyboard Windows Button
- Touchpad for Mouse and scrolling with 2 Fingers :)
- Wlan Adapter works very well
- Ethernet Connection
- USB Connection
- SD Card Reader (built-in)
- Audio Card

What doesn't work:

Very Important i am new in Linux so i tried this Linux Mint 18.1
But this Problem was so Big i was shortly befor kill my Linux first Expirience:

I try the Automatic Keyboard regognize option, that dont work with Swiss German Layout!
But i discover that too late, i cant login after the 1. Installation :(
So must go a head and do 3h of work again :(
For next Time it will be very helpful i have a Option in the Login Proceed (after install and 1. Login) for testing my Keyboard Layout!

Applications from official Software Source Application:
- Virtualbox
- Stellarium