Stream ax 0XX

  3 years ago
  HP (14" Laptop)
  Mint 18.x
  Works perfectly
What works:

Timeshift, Molotov, Popcorntime, Private Internet Access, PulseAudio equaliser, Firejail, Whatsapp, Files.appimage,Flatpack, Lazarus, Teamviewer, Disk and partition images saved on external HDD using linux USB disk utility

What doesn't work:

Dual boot with Windows 10

(This low cost laptop has only 32 Go for HDD, not enough room for 2 OS)

What was done to make it work:

Set legacy mode,
Disable secure boot and fast boot,
Set USB first in boot order for installation on USB stick
Use 32 Go SD card for Timeshift (system rescue)
Store pictures and videos on the cloud, documents and films on a NAS

Additional notes:

Silent, light, fast, long lasting battery (> 10 hours)