1 year ago
  Intel I7 4770s (Desktop PC)
  Mint 19.x
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

Everything on the computer works including my DVD/CD-RW, all 4 of the SD R/W drives, and printer(external peripheral).

What doesn't work:

I am having difficulties with file transfers to Flash drives. When copying a file from my computer (which could include one of 4 external drives) to a flash drive - it will transfer very quickly until it gets to the end and then it justs sits there. It either fails to finish or it will finally finish after a very long time. If I select multiple files and then drag and drop them onto the flash drive it will pause for a very long time between each file ... or it will fail completely. Is this a Nemo issue? Does anyone know how to fix this besides leaving Mint?

What was done to make it work:

So far, nothing has worked.

Additional notes:

I finally had enough of Windows 10+ and wiped it off of my big SSD and cloned my Mint onto it. I was already dual-booting my 2 SSD's but Windows would freeze up after 10-15 minutes (even before I started dual-booting). I tried to remedy this problem but ultimately decided to go with what I like and what works, Linux Mint!

The amount of control Windows has over their OS, SW, & HW is getting ridiculous and I can't tolerate it anymore. I want control of MY own computer and what I do with it. Linux Mint gives me a sophisticated and modern OS without all of the limitations Windows is putting into their systems.