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 Rival 110

Brand: SteelSeries (Mouse)

Release: Sylvia
Status: Works fine with some minor problems

What works:

All basic mouse features work.

What doesn't work:

Cannot set DPI settings or colour profiles due to 3rd party Linux driver not supporting Linux Mint 18.3 fully.

Since colour profiles aren't saved on the mouses EEPROM and only controlled in software, you cannot set the colours in Windows/Mac and expect them to persist.

What was done to make it work:

You can check out the driver @ though I wasn't able to get them working correctly due to time constraints.

Note that this driver does exist in the Python package manager, which can be installed via the command { pip install rivalcfg }, though it's not the latest version and at time time of writing this, doesn't contain the Rival 110 driver, this should work for slightly older Steelseries mice though.

Created: 10 months ago.
Last edited: 10 months ago.
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