XPS 15 9560

  3 years ago
  Dell (15.6’’ Laptop with core i5)
  Mint 18.x
  Works fine with some minor problems
What works:

General use (email, browser, video player, etc)

University & Private business (office suite, UE4, coding)

Dual booting alongside Windows 10

Sharing files with the Windows 10 (Win10 places the User folders in the HDD on D:, Mint's User folders are symlinks to the same physical folders on the HDD on /mnt/Shared)

What doesn't work:

Visual Studio, nor any good equivalent

Adobe Illustrator, nor any equivalent

The blazing fast and accurate touch-style fingerprint scanner that logs me into Windows in 0,2 seconds flat like a MoFo

What was done to make it work:

VS: Use Sublime Text and a crazy coder's memory with UE4

AI: Boot into Windows, having the files shared

FP scanner: Skip it, unfortunately, there is no compatible Linux driver for this model.

Additional notes:

Works like a charm, runs like a beast