X99 board

  10 months ago
  AsRock Motherboard (i7 3.5ghz processor with 16gb ram)
  Works perfectly
What works:

I7-5930,3,5 Gh, 6 cores, 12 logics cores. 16 G ddr4
Dual screen, 500G SSD.2Tb usb, 320Gb HD.
Everything works flawlessly at extreme speed all the time.
I evaluate it at 3 to 4 times faster then windows 10,
personnal edition, sometimes even more :P
Its been more then 2 months last need to boot on windows !!!

What doesn't work:

Some Wine issues with old apps...
still trying to find good replacement (acdsee 5.0, AVSstudio, etc)

What was done to make it work:

Printer sharing with win7 was a pain. Used cups.Lost the printer once after power outage. had to delete the printer and reinstall it.
Use static IP, much easier and stable, then server name...