Dell 9570 (Intel i7-8750H)

  1 year ago
  Dell (15.6" netbook with core i7)
  Mint 19.x
  Works perfectly
What doesn't work:

Intel i7-8750H are too much heat, the fans make too much noise =>

Intel design heat problem : 6 cores + Hyper Threading, 2,2 Ghz to 4.1 Ghz, only on 14 nm lithography (10 nm or less would have been desirable).

What was done to make it work:

My Dell 9570 (Intel i7-8750H) runing on Linux Mint 19.2 and Windows 10.

Bios version : 1.12.0
Kernel : 5.0.0-25

On Mint, after only repasting of CPU/GPU with Phobya NanoGreace Extreme and air flux optimisation, I obtain 42° C @Idle ** on "CPU Temperature Indicator" software monitoring. It gives me a gain of approximately -7° C @Idle, the benefit is even greater at full CPU load.

With add Powertop Intel software (available in the software manager), I obtain on my system only 30° C @Idle **, on average I am closer to 38° C.

Installation :

sudo apt install powertop

Official web site :

Look at the manual of powertop :

First I have calibred Powertop for my sytem (calibration process taking a few minutes and making the computer partially unusable during this time) :

sudo powertop --calibrate

After this I have execute it :

sudo powertop --auto-tune

For enable simply Powertop at system boot, I have making a cron fonction file on /etc/cron.d named "powertop" with right of execution enable containing this fonction :


@reboot root powertop --auto-tune

On Windows after repasting, the low temperature is 38° C @Idle **, on average I am closer to 42° C (on Intel Extreme Tuning Utility software) with Dell Power Manager calibrated to Optimized (standard) or Silence as needed. Dell Power Manager seems to me that he calibrated the bios with this value, this is satisfying for me. Optimized mode seems to the best setting for Linux.

I also realized some hardware optimizations : Opening the air vents (under the case at center of fans), adding two thermal pad (3 x 1 cm / 17 W/mK) on the CPU/GPU heat pipe, one on top left and one on top right just in front of fan.

I do not like undervolt my CPU because Linux does not seem to handle this well.

Through it all I earn approximately -15° C @Idle ** on Linux. My laptop has become very quiet and I am finally fully satisfied with it.

** best score