Asus X99-E WS

  1 year ago
  Asus Motherboard (Motherboard)
  Works partially
What works:

All work partially

Additional notes:

Now Linux LMDE 3 is a older version of Linux based on Debian 9 Stretch.

Only security updates are still done. There are no more new versions of the available softwares ;(

>> Migration performed to Debian 10 Buster because unfortunately LMDE 4 does not seem to be a development priority for the Linux Mint Staff <<

Intel i-7 5960x @ 3.8 Ghz

32 Gb Ram

Nvidia Ge-Force 1070 Ti

Logitech illuminated keyboard

Logitech G502 Mouse

Printer Samsung M2825ND

Scanner Epson V300 Photo